The days of using tape strictly for adjusting fit are a thing of the past.

Get the Power to Excel™ with the Industries Most Advanced Tape Technology.

Genesis<sup>®</sup> Excel™ 3

Excel™ 3

Performance Fitting, Protection and Release Tape

Excel™ 3 is the thickest of the three synthetic tapes, yet provides a medium release speed for the line. It will be slightly slower than bare skin, and has a tighter weave pattern with a soft, almost fuzzy, feel. A very "middle of the road" style for fit and release, yet it offers a high level of protection.

  • Medium release
  • Medium profile
  • Dual stretch
  •   Fitting - 4
  •   Protection - 5
  •   Release - 3
Available in convenient 40 count boxes

Specs + Tech

Color / Material Purple / Synthetic
Texture / Release Tight, fuzzy weave / Slightly delayed
Size 2.75” x 1” (7 cm x 2.54 cm)
Packaging 40 count box
Product # GENXPT3
UPC Code 685450077415

Images + Downloads

Excel™ 3 Excel™ 3 - texture