The days of using tape strictly for adjusting fit are a thing of the past.

Get the Power to Excel™ with the Industries Most Advanced Tape Technology.

Genesis<sup>®</sup> Excel™ 5

Excel™ 5

Performance Fitting, Protection and Release Tape

Our thickest tape has a loose weave pattern and coarse texture that will noticeably slow down your release speed. Its feel is soft, but coarse enough that we don't even print our logos on it. Excel™ 5  is best chosen for its release speed more than for its maximum level of fit and protection.

  • Slowest release
  • Extra thick profile
  • Single stretch
  •   Fitting - 5
  •   Protection - 5
  •   Release - 1
Available in convenient 40 count boxes

Specs + Tech

Color / Material Aqua / Cotton
Texture / Material Loose, coarse weave / Slowest release
Size 2.75” x 1” (7 cm x 2.54 cm)
Packaging 40 count box
Product # GENXPT5
UPC Code 685450077439

Note: Due to the coarse texture, Excel™ 5 does not come with the printed Genesis® logos.

Images + Downloads

Excel™ 5 Excel™ 5 - texture