It's got its boosters fired and target locked in.

Get Ready for Blast Off!

Ignitor™ Blast

Upper-Mid Performance

The combination of the Power Cube™ HE core compressed inside our aggressive Endura-Tac™ Pearl cover enables the Ignitor™ Blast to retain maximum energy for when its desired most...on the back end! So what does this mean to you? Strong hook that’s ready to blast the pins, that’s what!

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This product has been Retired and is No Longer Available.

Features + Details

Ball Motion

The pearl cover and medium Rg work together to get cleanly through the heads with minimal energy loss, while the aggressive nature of the Endura-Tac™ cover ignites the high differential, creating a strong, controlled angle of entry and continuous move through the pins.

Endura-Tac™ Pearl Reactive
Endura-Tac™ Pearl Reactive

An aggressive, easy to fine tune pearl reactive coverstock formulated for greater length and an increased angle of entry into the pocket. An explosive match to the high energy core within.

Power Cube™ HE (High Energy)
Power Cube™ CR (Controlled Rotation)

The Power Cube™ has been altered by adding a second, lighter density cap to one side, giving the core a negative mass bias (asymmetric) and increased down lane energy retention.

Specs + Tech

Color Cinder Red / Fathom Blue
Coverstock Endura-Tac™ Pearl Reactive
Finish 500 / 1000 / 2000 / Polish
Durometer 73-75 Rex D-Scale
Lane Conditions Medium to Med-Heavy
Available Weights 13-16 lbs.
Release Date 05/30/2014 - Worldwide
Weight Block Power Cube™ HE
Block Type Asymmetric
Flare Potential 6+" (high)
Weight 16 15 14 13
Rg 2.55 2.57 2.62 2.67
Differential 0.057 0.055 0.045 0.038
Mass Bias 0.012 0.011 0.010 0.008

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