Down to the core, we've taken things up a notch.

All Systems Go... Initiate Launch Sequence!

Ignitor™ Thrust

Upper-Mid Performance

We've taking things up a notch by taking the asymmetric core from the Ignitor Blast™ and lowering the Rg for an earlier motion. Then we matched it up with a stronger solid reactive cover and gave it an aggressively prepped finish that provides a smooth launch through the heads, then turns up the heat through impact!

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This product has been Retired and is No Longer Available.

Features + Details

Ball Motion

The surface prep of the Endura-Tac™ Solid cover was matched up with the controlled energy of the core to get the ball into an earlier roll, then create an angle through the pins so strong that we had to call it Thrust™!

Endura-Tac™ Solid Reactive
Endura-Tac™ Solid Reactive

An aggressive, easy to fine tune solid reactive coverstock formulated for an earlier roll while maintaining a strong, continuous move through the pocket for explosive pin action.

Power Cube™ CE (Controlled Energy)
Power Cube™ CE

By altering the densities of the Power Cube™, we were able to lower the Rg, maintain the Mass Bias and keep a high Differential for an earlier, stronger ball motion.

Specs + Tech

Color Burnt Red / Warm Yellow
Coverstock Endura-Tac™ Solid Reactive
Finish 500 / 4000
Durometer 74-76 Rex D-Scale
Lane Conditions Medium to Med-Heavy
Available Weights 13-16 lbs.
Release Date 01/12/2015 - Worldwide
Weight Block Power Cube™ CE
Block Type Asymmetric
Flare Potential 6+" (high)
Weight 16 15 14 13
Rg 2.53 2.55 2.61 2.65
Differential 0.056 0.052 0.050 0.040
Mass Bias 0.011 0.012 0.012 0.013

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