How K-Motion™ works

How K-Motion™ Works

Relieves Pain

The manner in which kinesiology tape is applied is paramount. Get the proper stretch, and it can work wonders. So what does the stretch have to do with it you ask? Well, by stretching the tape, it allows the elastic fibers to recoil, lifting the skin over the muscles and underlying tissue and therefore relieving pressure and the pain that comes with swelling and irritation.

Improves Circulation

Using the tape allows more oxygen and blood to flow through the targeted area, helping to rejuvenate the damage caused by repetitive motion. This increase, though undetectable to us, is attributed to two factors. One being the lifting relief of pressure as mentioned above. The second way is by your nerve receptors sensing and reporting to your brain that something has changed on an area of your body. The response is much in the same way our bodies block out pain by massaging an area.

Supports Muscles

Unlike the old, traditional athletics tapes that immobilize and compress, kinesiology tapes work in a different manner to provide support. The key is through the elasticity, which in tandem with your muscles, provides a push and pull relief to weakened or damaged muscles. This same action also helps to keeps your healthy muscles from overcompensating and further worsening your condition.

Increases Endurance

You don't have to be injured to benefit from kinesiology. As a regular part of your activities, K-Motion™ can help keep your muscles from getting fatigued, increase circulation to key areas, and give you the benefits of Copper Infuzion™. All of this adds up to a less stressed body, giving you the opportunity to do what you like for longer periods of time.