Pure Pad™ Sport


Sports Themed Buffalo Leather Ball Wipe Pad

Show your fandom and make a pure shot every time with our sports themed ball wipe pads. Each pad features a wiping surface that’s made with the same durable, highly absorbent all natural genuine Buffalo Leather as our original Pure Pad™. But we’ve added a bit of style by giving you the authentic look, and in many cases feel, of your “other” favorite sports. Because lets face it, we all know what your true favorite sport is...

  • Available in multiple sports styles!
  • Made with "Authentic" sports materials
  • All Natural Buffalo Leather
  • Embroidered details with Genesis® logo
  • Heavy duty stitching
  • Non-Abrasive - Won't harm or alter the surface
  • Works on all ball types

Authentic Sports Materials & Genuine Buffalo Leather...

Made for the Pure Sports Fan in all of us!

Features + Benefits

Superior Absorption

The extreme nap of the Buffalo Leather absorbs better than cotton, micro fiber or any other type of towel or shammy.

Consistent Ball Reaction

The Pure Pad™ Sport gives you a clean, pure surface every time, so your ball can perform its best shot after shot.

Personality to Spare

If you’re a sports fan, then why not show it! Choose from Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, Football, Golf and more.

Ergonomic Authenticity

Sized to fit most hands comfortably while using sporty materials for an “authentic” look and feel.

Specs + Tech

Materials † * Buffalo Leather w/ "Authentic" Sports Materials
Safe for use on? Resin, Urethane or Polyester
Washable? Yes, see below for care instructions
Size (Round - All) 6.89” dia. (17.5 cm) approx.
Size (Football) 9.25" x 6" (23.5 x 15.2 cm)
Product Style Product # UPC Code
Baseball GENPSPT-Baseball 709951683019
Basketball GENPSPT-Basketball 709951683026
8 Ball (Billiards) GENPSPT-8Ball 709951683033
Golf Ball GENPSPT-Golf 709951683040
GENPSPT-Football 709951683057
Due to the limited availability of the all natural Buffalo Leather, the colors of the hides may vary from pad to pad. This is normal, and does not affect its performance in any way.
* "Authentic" sports materials are used when and where applicable. Some sports (ie; Billiards, etc.) may use alternate materials that emulate a realistic appearance.

How to Clean and Care for your Pure Pad™ Sport

If you begin to notice your Pure Pad™ Sport is not as effective as it once was, then it's time for a cleaning. Luckily, this is an easy task.

Wash your Pure Pad™ Sport using mild soap in warm to hot water*. Use a brush on the leather side only, to gently agitate the surface.
Once done, rinse your pad thoroughly under warm water, then lightly wring out the excess water and lay flat to dry.
After it has dried, you can use a bristle brush on the leather side to bring the nap back to an "as new" state, if needed.

Cleaning Tips:

Hand wash only! Machine washing may have adverse reactions on the various materials.
Using water as hot as you can comfortably and safely handle helps to extract the most amount of oil.
Always air dry. Never put your Pure Pad™ Sport in the dryer.