Sync™ Sample Pack


Insert Tapes in Sync™ with the Modern Game

Don't know which Sync™ is right for you? We have you covered. With a sampling of all 3 Sync™ styles, you will get to see and feel the unique qualities of each style before investing in a larger quantity.

  • Includes all 3 styles of Sync™ - Black, Silver and White
  • Try out each style, or keep extra to complement your favorite
  • Each pack contains 2 pieces of each style

For use in thumb or finger holes to adjust fit due to shrinking or swelling of the hand.

Available in 1/2", 3/4" or 1" widths

Bowling Essentials in Sync with the Modern Game™

Sync Up Your Game™

Features + Benefits

Sync™ Black

Thin & flexible vinyl is the key to this outstanding smooth black insert tape.

Sync™ Sync

Unique smooth, soft vinyl makes this a versatile new tool in your arsenal.

Sync™ White

Durable textured fabric makes this one tough option when it comes to white insert tapes.

Specs + Tech

Samples Included 2 ea. - Sync™ Black, Silver and White
Available Sizes 1/2", 3/4" and 1" widths
Compatibility? Sync™ Black & Sync™ White can be layered with other types of insert tape. Sync™ Silver is an overlay tape only.
Model Packaging Product # UPC Code
Sync™ Sample Pack - 1/2" 6 ct Bag GENSYSP6-1/2 709951683675
Sync™ Sample Pack - 3/4" 6 ct Bag GENSYSP6-3/4 709951683224
Sync™ Sample Pack - 1" 6 ct Bag GENSYSP6-1 709951683231