Masclean Replacement Covers


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Genesis is proud to be the Exclusive U.S. Distributor of Masclean Face Shields

Replacement Covers for Sanitation Face Shields

These Masclean replacement covers fit both the Smart S and Simple Light S models of sanitary face shields. Package includes 5 replacements for extending the service time of your face shield should it become damaged.

  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fog coating
  • Replaceable clear cover shields
  • Transparent shield lets customers see your face
  • Easy to wash and re-use
  • No tools required to remove or replace

Replacement Covers Only: Must be used with the Masclean Smart S or Masclean Simple Light S face shields.

Face protection that anyone can wear.

The Clear Choice for Sanitary Face Protection.

Features + Benefits

Anti-Bacteria & Anti-Fog Coating

The Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fog coated film guarantees cleaner and safer public interactions.

No Tools Required

Masclean Covers easily snap in to place without the need for tools.

How to Replace the Cover of your Masclean Face Shield

Remove the protective sticker of the new cover. Place one end of the cover in to position, then apply firm pressure to the other side to snap into place.

Specs + Tech

Material Plastic with Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fog Coating
Care Instructions

Wash with soap and warm water, then dry after use. Please do not use chemical substances or alcohol to wash your face shield. Doing so may damage the clarity of the cover.

Quantity Product # UPC Code
5 ct Box
GENMSCOV-5PK 8809307380073
Masclean Face Shield Covers are Not a Medical Grade device.

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