Excel™ Classic 4


Performance Fitting, Protection and Release Tape

Excel™ 4 is a cotton tape with a medium weave that is similar to Excel™ 2 in appearance, but with a much thicker profile. You will notice a slower release speed due to the higher friction material, but the protection is outstanding. The combination of thickness and weave pattern make this a great "base" option for layering tape.

  • Medium-Slow release
  • Medium profile
  • Cotton single stretch material
  • Can be layered for an exact fit

Wear it on your thumb or fingers to adjust fit, control release speed, and protect skin from calluses, cuts and abrasions.

Available in convenient 40 ct Packs

The days of using tape strictly for adjusting fit are a thing of the past.

Get the Power to Excel™ with
the Industries Most Advanced Tape Technology.

Features + Benefits

  Fitting - 4

Excel™ 4 is the Goldilocks of fitment! Just the right texture and weave for layering or a quick fit.

  Protection - 5

The medium weave has just the right thickness for total protection.

  Release - 2

With the cotton material comes slower release speeds. A popular choice for those that tend to squeeze the ball.

Specs + Tech

Color / Material Orange / Cotton
Texture / Release Medium weave / Slower release
Size 2.75” x 1” (7 cm x 2.54 cm)
Model Packaging Product # UPC Code
Excel™ Classic 4 40 ct Pack GENXLCL4-40 685450077422
Excel™ Classic 4 (Dozen) 12 x 40 ct Pack GENXLCL4-DOZ 685450077200

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