Sync™ White


Textured Fabric Insert Tape

Sync™ White ditches the old style textured paper in favor of a thick 13 mil fabric base for added strength and the underlying texture itself. We then coated it to give you a familiar feel, though with much more durability & tear resistance than traditional white bowling tape. Want to know how tear resistant? Try and rip it, we dare you!

  • Durable fabric texture
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Lasts longer without loss of grip
  • Cuts easily with scissors
  • Can be layered for a precision fit
  • Extra Thick 13 mil material

For use in thumb or finger holes to adjust fit due to shrinking or swelling of the hand.

Available in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" widths

Bowling Essentials in Sync with the Modern Game™

Sync Up Your Game™

Features + Benefits

Unwearable... but in a Good Way

The coated fabric gives the tape a durable texture that lasts and lasts. Though yes, you shouldn't wear it. That's what Excel™ is for.

Fast Fit

The extra thickness means you can layer with less pieces when you have a big gap to fill.

Totally in Sync

Use to layer for the perfect fit. Works with many brands and types of insert tape.

Sizing Up the Competition

With 3 widths to choose from, in multiple quantities, you'll always have the right size when you need it.

Specs + Tech

Color / Material White / 13 mil coated fabric
Adhesive Clear, no residue
Available Sizes 1/2", 3/4" and 1" widths
Compatibility? Sync™ White can be layered with other types of insert tape
Model Packaging Product # UPC Code
Sync™ White - 1/2" 40 ct Pack GENSYW40-1/2 709951683637
Sync™ White - 3/4" 40 ct Pack GENSYW40-3/4 709951683149
Sync™ White - 1" 40 ct Pack GENSYW40-1 709951683156
Sync™ White - 1/2" 10 ct Bag GENSYW10-1/2 709951683668
Sync™ White - 3/4" 10 ct Bag GENSYW10-3/4 709951683200
Sync™ White - 1" 10 ct Bag GENSYW10-1 709951683217