Evolution Maxx™


Extra Strength Bowling Ball Cleaner

Evolution Maxx™ is our bad boy solvent based ball cleaner. We call it "Extra Strength" just because it's stronger than our other cleaners. Truth is, it just might be the strongest cleaner on the market! Except nicks, gouges, or cracks, this cleaner is guaranteed to remove any contaminant from the surface of the ball. The solvent base effortlessly penetrates deeper than traditional water based cleaners, then quickly evaporates to lift and expel lane oils from the surface. Strictly not for use during sanctioned competition, this cleaner is sure to become a legend!

  • The strongest ball cleaner there is... period!
  • Maximum strength, solvent based formula
  • Helps extend the life span of a bowling ball, when used regularly
  • Use after each bowling session
  • Safe for use on all ball types, even polyester!

Quite possibly the strongest bowling ball cleaner available.

Cleaning Power so Good, it's sure to become a Legend!

Features + Benefits

Maximum Strength

There are many good cleaners, some even great. But nothing can come close to Evolution Maxx™ proprietary formula. It's the strongest bowling ball cleaner available today!

Solvent Based Formula

The fast drying solvent quickly penetrates dirt and oil, then lifts it away.

Dissolves the Dirt

Easily removes all lane oils, dirt and scuff marks from the surface of your ball.

Deep Cleaning

Gets further into the pores to extract more than whats on the surface.

Available Sizes

Size + Type Product # UPC Code
4 oz (118 mL) Spray GENMAX4 685450076692
8 oz (237 mL) Spray GENMAX8 685450076708
32 oz (946 mL) Spray GENMAX32 685450076715
32 oz (946 mL) Refill (No Spray Top) GENMAX32R 685450076722
Use only in a well ventilated area. May harm certain types of plastics, including acrylics, polycarbonates and select eyeglass lenses.

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