K-Motion™ Sample Pack


Premium Kinesiology Tape

The Genesis® K-Motion™ Sample Pack is a great way to experience the benefits of our Copper Infused kinesiology tape for the first time. You may have either never heard of this type of product before, or maybe are just curious if it actually works as advertised. With the sample pack, you'll get to try it first hand for very little investment.

Each pack contains four (4) pre-cut strips in an assortment of colors. That's enough pieces for most advanced taping techniques, or up to four single applications!

  • Low cost way to explore Kinesiology taping
  • Same size strips as our standard packs
  • Enough strips for up to four applications
  • Assorted Colors
  • Includes instructions
  • Unique Synthetic / Cotton Blend material for maximum comfort and performance
  • Lightweight feel

Available in a 4 ct Sleeve

There's a reason why K-Motion™ is the #1 Kinesiology Tape in Bowling.

With Copper Infuzion™, it's the Most Advanced Kinesiology Tape on the Planet!

Features + Benefits

Low Cost Sampler

See if kinesiology is right for you without having to invest in a larger quantity.

Water Proof

Withstands almost any environment you, or mother nature, can throw at it.

Extended Wear

Provides up to 5 days of continuous support and drug free pain relief.

Low Residue Adhesive

Our own proprietary adhesive gives you maximum adhesion with little to no mess.

Specs + Tech

Available Colors Assorted
Material Hybrid Synthetic / Cotton
Exclusive Features Copper Infuzion™
Elasticity Up to 185% stretch
Pre-Cut Size 2" x 10"
Model Packaging Product # UPC Code
K-Motion™ Sample Pack 4 ct
GENKMPCS-ASST 685450077248
Product Disclaimer:

Discontinue use if K-Motion™ causes redness, soreness or irritation. This product is not intended to replace professional medical treatment. The product warranty covers replacement product or costs only.