Evolution™ Cleaner Assortment


The Full Line of Evolution™ Cleaners

Cleaning your equipment on a regular basis not only helps protect your investment, it can help you score better as well. That’s why we developed our Evolution™ line of bowling ball cleaners. Need a quick cleaning during competition? Hydro™ is for you. How about the muscle to clean anything? Go for the Maxx™. Has your bowling ball lost it’s reaction? Reclaim it with the tack restoring power of Intense™. Or, for a new way to clean your equipment, try Refresh™, a deep down cleanser that's a drop in the bucket!

  • Helps extend the life span of a bowling ball, when used regularly
  • Safe for use on all ball types, even polyester!
  • 4 oz and 8 oz Assortments include a dozen (12) Evolution™ Cleaners: (3 ea. Hydro™, Intense™, Maxx™ and Refresh™)
  • 32 oz Assortments include six (6) Evolution™ Cleaners: (2 ea. Hydro™, Intense™, and Maxx™)

Score More with Less Marks.

That's the Evolution of a Clean Game.

Features + Benefits

Hydro™ - All Purpose Ball Cleaner

The All Purpose Ball cleaner that stays wet longer to help break down dirt and oil.

Intense™ - Tack Restoring Ball Cleaner

A special Tack Restoring water based cleaner that gives your ball an Intense kick in Ball Reaction.

Maxx™ - Extra Strength Ball Cleaner

The Maximum Strength solvent based cleaner that cleans anything thrown a bowling balls way.

Refresh™ - Deep Cleansing Ball Wash Concentrate

The original Ball Wash Concentrate that's a drop in the bucket

Available Sizes

Size + Type Product # UPC Code
4 oz (118 mL) Assortment GENEVO4-DOZ 685450077033
8 oz (237 mL) Assortment GENEVO8-DOZ 685450077088
32 oz (946 mL) Assortment GENEVO32-6CT 685450077125