Pure Surface™


Premium Surface Abrasion Pads

The ultimate in ball surface adjustment technology, Pure Surface™ pads feature a revolutionary patented cloth backing laminated to flexible foam. This allows for superior transpiration of the material, which helps extend the life span of the pad and achieves an even finish quality that is beyond compare. It also improves the anti-clogging properties, helps keep the working temperature down and allows for increased dust suction for a cleaner working environment.

  • Color coded for quick grit identification
  • Easily adjust the surface finish of your ball
  • Achieves an even finish quality
  • Soft and flexible
  • Anti-clogging, easy to keep clean
  • Won't heat up like traditional surfacing pads
  • Extended working life span
  • Works on all ball types

6" Discs are available in 500, 800, 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k or 5k grits

Dial in a precise ball reaction by having a Pure Surface™.

Pure and Simple, the Difference is in the Material!

Features + Benefits

Consistent Finish Every Time

Whether by hand or with a ball spinner, Pure Surface™ pads achieve a more even finish than traditional sanding discs.

Superior Anti-Clogging Ability

The pads anti clogging design allows debris & liquids to easily flow through for a cleaner work environment.

Use Wet or Dry, without the Heat

Use them wet or dry. The increased airflow means less heat build-up, even when used on a ball spinner.

Color Coded Ease

The color coded material of each grit allows for easy pad recognition, even if the printing wears off from use.

Specs + Tech

Material Abrasive coated cloth backing laminated to Flexible Foam
Size 6” diameter
When to Use? Use when you want to change your current ball reaction or to resurface your ball after the coverstock has worn down and you notice a difference in ball reaction. Also great for other sanding projects around the home or workplace in place of traditional sandpaper.
Safe for use on? All bowling ball types. Take caution, as these are abrasive sanding products.
Washable? Yes, see below for care instructions.
Product Color / Grit Product # UPC Code
White / 500 GENPRSF500-WHT 709951683774
Blue / 800 GENPRSF800-BLU 709951683781
Purple / 1K GENPRSF1000-PRP 709951683798
Orange / 2K GENPRSF2000-ORG 709951683811
Red / 3K GENPRSF3000-RED 709951683828
Green / 4K GENPRSF4000-GRN 709951683835
Yellow / 5K GENPRSF5000-YEL 709951683842

How to Clean and Care for your Pure Surface™ Pad

For Dry Use:
Starting with one side of the ball, apply the abrasive side of the pad in a circular motion, using even, moderate pressure. Work from the sides to the top, then flip the ball over and repeat the process, making sure to cover the entire surface. Repeat on both sides again, then wipe clean with ball cleaner and a towel to remove any dust from the surface.
For Wet Use:
To cut down on dust and help extend the life of your pad, spray ball cleaner or water on the pad and re-wet as needed while following the instructions above.
For Use on a Ball Spinner:
Spray your Pure Surface™ pad and the ball with water. Turn the spinner on low, then start from the top of the ball and use an even, moderate pressure to work the pad back and forth. Flip the ball over and repeat on all four, or six, sides for an even finish.
Cleaning Tips:
When used dry, pound against a hard surface to remove as much dust as possible. After multiple uses, it’s recommended to rinse out your pad with water to reduce build up.
When used wet, rinse with water to remove any residue, then squeeze out the pad on a flat surface and let it air dry.