Excel™ Copper 2


Performance Fitting, Protection and Release Tape

Genesis Excel Copper is the first and only performance tape to offer therapeutic benefits that may relieve hand fatigue and soreness while protecting your skin.

By adding Copper Infuzion™, we’ve given you more of the therapeutic elements found in our patented K-Motion™ kinesiology tape, without sacrificing any of the benefits you get from our original Excel™ Classic line.

Excel™ 2 has a release speed that is close to, if not slightly quicker than, bare skin. It has a smooth feel to its medium weave pattern, and is a step up in both thickness and texture from Excel™ 1. If you are looking more for protection and fit from your tape, without a drastic change to your release speed, then blue is for you.

  • Medium-Fast release
  • Features Copper Infuzion™
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal
  • Thin profile
  • Synthetic dual stretch material
  • Can be layered for an exact fit

Wear it on your thumb or fingers to adjust fit, control release speed, and protect skin from calluses, cuts and abrasions.

Available in convenient 40 ct Packs or 16.4' Un-cut Rolls

The therapeutic power of copper is now at your fingertips.

Creating the Latest Advancements in Tape Technology
is how we Excel™.

Features + Benefits

  Fitting - 3

For fitting purposes, Excel™ 2 is a great middle ground for versatility.

  Protection - 4

Don't let the thinner material fool you! Any Excel™ Performance Tape has you covered for protection.

  Release - 4

Though on the faster side for release speed, this one is actually very close to bare skin.

Specs + Tech

Color / Material Blue / Synthetic with Copper Infuzion™
Texture / Release Medium weave / Closest to bare skin
Size 2.75” x 1” (7 cm x 2.54 cm)
Model Packaging Product # UPC Code
Excel™ Copper 2
40 ct Pack GENXLCU2-40 685450076876
Excel™ Copper (Dozen)
12 x 40 ct Pack
GENXLCU2-DOZ 685450077149
Excel™ Copper 2 Roll
16.4' Un-cut Roll GENXLCU2-R 709951683446
Excel™ Copper 2 Roll (Dozen)
12 x 16.4' Un-cut Roll GENXLCU2-RDOZ 709951683484

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