Padded Leather Shammy


Padded Leather Bowling Ball Shammy

Genesis always finds ways to improve on products, and our shammies are no exception. We've taken the tried and true bowling ball shammy and given it a thicker, more luxurious feel. Soft cow leather has combined with an extra thick & absorbent inner layer to make the finest shammies in bowling. Top it off with our unique Genesis script logo, and we've got the shammy to up your game!

  • Extra thick construction!
  • Softer feel leather than standard bowling shammies
  • Absorbent padding traps oil from the surface
  • Absorbs oil and removes dirt
  • Use between shots for peak ball performance
  • Dual sided leather cleaning surface
  • Embroidered with a Genesis® script logo
  • Non-Abrasive - Won't harm or alter the surface of a ball
  • Works on all ball types
  • Hand wash & reuse

If we're going to make a shammy, then we're going to make the best!

The Thickest and Softest Shammy in Bowling!

Features + Benefits

Extra Thick Construction

There is no need to double up on our shammies. You get a substantial feel with just one shammy.

Soft Feel Leather

Our high quality leather was chosen for the way it feels in your hand. soft, supple and smooth.

Absorbent Padding

The thick, absorbent inner layer traps the oil away from the leather surface for a cleaner wipe time after time.

Unique Script Logo

We've switched things up with a unique Genesis® script logo for a distinct look from our line of Pure Pads.

Specs + Tech

Material Color-Dyed Cow Leather
Size 7.875” x 6.875” (20 cm x 17.5 cm)
Thickness 6 mm (vs. industry standard 3-4 mm)
Safe for use on? Resin, Urethane or Polyester
Washable? Yes, see below for care instructions
Product Color Product # UPC Code
Black / Black GENPLSHM-BLK 682327956972
Black / Blue GENPLSHM-BLU 682327956989
Black / Orange
GENPLSHM-ORG 682327956996
Black / Purple
GENPLSHM-PUR 682327957009
Black / Red
GENPLSHM-RED 682327957016
Black / Teal
GENPLSHM-TEA 682327957023

How to Clean and Care for your Shammy

If you begin to notice your Shammy is not as effective as it once was, then it's time for a cleaning. Luckily, this is an easy task.

Simply wash using some mild soap in warm to hot water*.

Once done, rinse your pad thoroughly under warm water, wring out, then lay flat to dry.

* Tip: Using water as hot as you can comfortably and safely handle helps to extract the most amount of oil.