Pure 'N Clean™


Bowling Ball Cleaning Pad

Make a Pure ‘N Clean™ shot every time with our plush and absorbent cleaning pad. Each pad features an absorbent natural leather "dry" wiping surface mated to a plush microfiber cleaning pad designed to hold moisture in. So you’ll be spraying less, and cleaning more! Between these layers is a dense foam barrier that prevents moisture from seeping through while giving you a firm, yet cushioned base for even surface pressure when cleaning.

  • Two Cleaning Pads in One... Plush Microfiber and Natural Leather!
  • Use wet or dry
  • Can be used with any Spray Bowling Ball Cleaner
  • Embossed with Genesis® logo
  • Heavy duty stitching
  • Non-Abrasive - Won't harm or alter the surface
  • Works on all ball types
  • Hand washable

With two materials and multiple ways to clean,

Pure 'N Clean is how we One Up the Competition!

Features + Benefits

Cleans More while Using Less

The plush microfiber side holds moisture, so you’ll use less cleaner to finish the job. Just spray directly onto the pad, then wipe clean.

Master of the Multi-Task

Use the microfiber side “dry” to wipe sweaty hands or dirty shoe soles. Then flip it... and use the leather side to wipe the ball! *

The Pad that does More!

Use the leather side two ways... to dry your ball after cleaning, or to absorb dirt and oil from the balls surface while bowling.

Optimized to Clean Efficiently

The overall shape and firmness of the padding has been optimized for a comfortable grip and even surface pressure when cleaning.

Specs + Tech

Materials Leather, High Density Foam & Plush Microfiber
Size 6.75” dia.
Safe for use on? All Bowling Ball Types (Resin, Urethane or Polyester)
Washable? Yes, see below for care instructions
Product Color Product # UPC Code
Orange / Gray GENPRCL-ORANGE 709951683095
Note: Do not use on hands or shoes when wet, or after having been saturated with cleaning products. Always test in an inconspicuous area before use.

How to Clean and Care for your Pure 'N Clean™

If you begin to notice your Pure 'N Clean™ pad is not as effective as it once was, then it's time for a cleaning. Luckily, this is an easy task.

Simply wash using some mild soap in warm to hot water*, then gently agitate the leather surface with a stiff brush. For the microfiber surface, use your hand or a soft bristle brush to work up a lather.

Once done, rinse your pad thoroughly under warm water, pat dry as best as you can, then lay flat to dry.

After drying, you can use a bristle brush on the leather side to bring the nap back to an "as new" state, if needed.

* Tip: Using water as hot as you can comfortably and safely handle helps to extract the most amount of oil.