K-Motion™ Adhesive

Proprietary Wave Pattern Adhesive

The "wave" pattern you see on the back of K-Motion™ isn't just for show. It has been specifically designed to let your skin breathe while giving you a full range of motion. The result is a tape so light in feel that after a few minutes, you'll barely even notice it on, but you will reap the performance benefits it has to offer.

Our own proprietary adhesive makes sure it won't come off either, even when you break a sweat or take a shower. We formulated it for maximum strength, with the least amount of residue.

We know you count on us for support, so we make sure we do all the little things to keep you going, and your body in motion.

Product Disclaimer:

Discontinue use if K-Motion™ causes redness, soreness or irritation. This product is not intended to replace professional medical treatment. The product warranty covers replacement product or costs only.